Event management for
Indoor Playgrounds

Delightful booking experience for your clients without the back and forth emails.


Manual, error prone and time consuming process.

  • Booking confusion and double-bookings.
  • Manual, time-consuming booking management.
  • Inconsistent payment collection.
  • Poor customer communication.
  • Inefficient marketing and promotions.

Automated, efficient and user-friendly process.

  • Automated, real-time booking system.
  • Instant booking confirmations and reminders.
  • Integrated, secure payment processing.
  • Enhanced customer communication.
  • Effective, personalized marketing campaigns.

We handle the booking so you focus on the business

Booking page that works for you

Our page builder allows you to configure every single detail about your booking page.

Availability, location, payment, and more.

All in one place.


Seamless calendar integration

Sync your bookings with your calendar.

Manage your availability and bookings in one place.

Forget about double bookings.


Notify, engage, retain

Create flexible notification sequences for your clients. Keep them informed, engaged and coming back.

Automated, personalized and always on time.


Booking without friction

Let your clients book your services with ease. Configure forms and collect all the necessary information.

No more back and forth emails.

No more missed bookings.


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